You Choose: the next best political candidates

Today we begin our sixth month, and within the vast American schism, you’re invited to share a political chat in a safe space. Since our first post describing the rationale for gathering in such a forum, we’ve loved the emerging community that brings curiosity and engagement to our ongoing conversations.

So we’re wondering how you might rank the following arenas when it comes to political leadership? Character, Policy, Faith, Nobility. (I’ll give more definition to these in a moment.)

There’s lots of ways to think about this…e.g. What is most valuable in a political leader? What does it take for me to embrace or walk away from a candidate? What drives my vote? However you frame it, we’d like to hear from you!

Don’t mention any names, specific policies, faith preferences, or your own party affiliation. I’d probably edit those details out. Let’s hold our conversation generally to the four arenas and any other you might argue is more important than one or all of them. Keep in step with the spirit of our consents.

1 (is most important). 2, 3, 4 (are less important). No ties! Sure, all of these are important, but ties are too easy. Keep in mind: that which gets your “2,3,4” does not mean ‘not important’…it only means ‘less important’ than the one(s) ranked higher.

So if you dare, post a reply* with your thoughts. You may simply convey your rankings 1-4, or even better, tell us why you ranked the way you did.

Ok, here are the four arenas again, with a bit of detail for any given candidate…

  • Character/Behavior – they exhibit individual (e.g.) integrity, honesty, empathy / and high moral conduct.
  • Policy – they line up best with my own platform and ideas.
  • Faith – they are known for an authentic walk with God.
  • Nobility – they champion civic virtue, communal charity, and public conscience, (e.g.) lifting up people the world ignores.

*If you wish to reply, but not have it posted publicly, just say so in your reply. I read them all before they are published, and will abide by your wishes. I promise to add your numerical rankings (anonymously) to the results. We’ll post the consensus and the polarities.

Thanks so much for reading and sharing with the Gathering group of friends. Our community is growing fast, and it’s been an amazing six months. I would love it if you shared this post with friends and family and invited them to weigh in on this conversation! They and you, are warmly welcome!