Meet the Group

Angela Simms

Greetings! I’m a Christian Black feminist scholar committed to social justice. I work alongside others to cultivate communities committed to “shalom,” where nothing is broken and nothing is missing.

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I’m an Assistant Professor of Sociology and Urban Studies at Barnard College-Columbia University.

I was a Presidential Management Fellow, serving in the George W. Bush and Barack Obama Administrations, and so have extensive public policy experience

I conduct workshops for churches and non-religious organizations on racialized capitalism and how to envision social relationships and institutions that promote equity and human flourishing more broadly.

Lindsay Thompson

Ciao! I am an ethicist and my research and teaching interests center on 1) Human wellbeing and integrity in complex, risk-laden contexts 2) Livability of cities and sustainable futures for humanity and the planet; 3) Roles of individuals, institutions, and wisdom traditions in shaping public discourse and civic conscience in a secular society; and 4) Intersectional social equity and inclusion in business, professions, and society.

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I am a professor and ethicist at the Carey Business School of Johns Hopkins University.

I’m the founder of the Carey School’s CityLab, focused on initiatives to revitalize Baltimore City. Here’s my piece on the moral stress afflicting health care workers in the time of Covid.

Kathy Edin

Hi! I’m a poverty scholar and researcher, to accomplish in-depth observations into the lives of low-income women, men, and children. I have a passion to solve such key mysteries as: “How do single mothers possibly survive on welfare?” and “Where are the fathers and why do they disengage from their children’s lives?”

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I’m a Professor of Sociology and Public Affairs at Princeton University.

I’ve authored 8 books and some 60 journal articles. $2 a Day: The Art of Living on Virtually Nothing in America, co-authored with Luke Shaefer, is my best-known book.  

I am a Trustee of the Russell Sage Foundation, and a founding member of the MacArthur Foundation-funded Network on Housing and Families with Young Children. 

Jonathan Cox

Peace and greetings. I am a race scholar. On top of seeking to highlight and understand the nuanced experiences of people of color, I’ve dedicated my life to the eradication of racism and the uplift of minoritized and oppressed people everywhere, be it through my teaching, writing, or everyday conversations.

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I am an Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Central Florida.

Feel free to connect with me on Twitter or check out my website.

Keilah Jacques

Greetings! I am a social justice and equity advocate, teacher and facilitator. I employ servant leadership to support the reengineering of social norms and generate the moral resilience needed to identify shared values.

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I am an instructor with the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University, facilitating personal and professional development and community conversations that advance anti-racist capacity building.

Richard Schroeder

Hello! I am an economist. I work in the non-profit sector but my job is to design, launch, and scale for-profit impact enterprises, and to promote impact investment. My career has mainly focused on economic development and issues related to economic injustice and market failure. I am motivated to do what I can to help address the big problems and to communicate my perspective with respect for those who don’t share my viewpoint.

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I am the Director of RESOLVE’s Responsible Growth program, which designs and catalyzes innovative natural resource development projects to support sustainable development and foster responsible supply chains.

I founded an innovative impact enterprise in Sierra Leone, West Africa, called the First Step Economic Opportunity Zone, which involved the collaboration of for-profit businesses and nonprofit organizations to develop manufacturing industries that promote the development of efficient and ethical supply chains. 

Tim Nelson

Hello! I am a researcher with a keen interest these days in understanding low income fathers. Prior to this season I spent most of my time researching African American religion and congregational studies.

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I am a Lecturer in the Department of Sociology at Princeton University, and currently working on a book with Kathryn Edin and Laura Lein (University of Michigan) on the work and child support experiences of 440 low-income fathers.

A prior book, Every Time I Feel the Spirit: Religious Experience and Ritual in an African American Congregation was published by NYU Press in 2004. San Antonio. 

Tolu Sosanya

Hello! I am an educator who is passionate about justice issues, particularly those related to education and housing and their intersectionality with employment and healthcare. I see most societal issues through a theological lens.

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I’m a Teach for America alumnae and served as a Leadership for Educational Equity (LEE) Organizing Fellow.  

I serve on the Board of the ACLU Maryland, and volunteer with Tubman House community organization of West Baltimore.

Kathy Tuan-Maclean

Hi!  I’m passionate about people experiencing Jesus—His love, His grace, and His reconciled community—and love feeding people, literally and spiritually. Since 1990, I’ve ministered to undergraduates, graduate students and faculty in New York City, Boston and now Baltimore.  I studied Human Development & Social Policy at Northwestern University for way too long (13 years!).  My dissertation was on “The Interracial Friendships of White & Asian College Students.” 

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I serve as InterVarsity Christian Fellowship’s National Faculty Ministry Director and am also a Spiritual Director.

Amir Francois

Salut! I am an educational psychologist focused on well-being and intercultural competence. My research endeavors to understand and promote the inculcation of intergroup harmony by leveraging group differences, identifying structural features and engendering skill development to support positive environments between diverse individuals.

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I am a Senior Research and Data Specialist in the Office of Research and Strategic Data Use at the Maryland State Department of Education.

Kaitlin Edin-Nelson

Buenas! I work with underserved populations to break down barriers and work for equal access. Currently I help low-income immigrant youth by providing them with the means to pursue higher education and meaningful careers. Oh, and I love tattoos (25 and counting), and can trace most of them to the 20+ countries I have visited.

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I am a program officer for Liberty’s Promise in Baltimore.

Allison Schroeder

Greetings! I am a psychotherapist in private practice, and a family scientist. My research interests center around vulnerable families and health disparities, particularly around the mental health of low-income mothers and families as well as parenting in contexts of chronic disadvantage.

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I am the Vice-President & Clinical Director of 21st Vision, Inc.

R.C. Bingham

Shalom. I’m a pastor and consultant for various projects. I like to find people, start stuff, and get out of the way!

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I’m the founding co-pastor of GraceCity Church in Baltimore City.

I’m the founder and president of 21st Vision Inc., counseling & consulting.

I’m honored to be a founding board member of the trailblazing “We, Our, Us” initiative in Baltimore City.

Corey Barnes

Grace and peace! I am a pastor and educator. Born and raised in Baltimore City, I provoke human well-being in this city. I work with anti-violence initiatives, and seek to continually build a reconciled community in our church, neighborhoods and throughout the city. 

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I’m the founding co-pastor of GraceCity Church in Baltimore City. 

I’m the President of the Board for the pioneering anti-violence men’s movement We, Our, Us”.