About the Gathering

Since 2016, a collection of change-minded women and men, loosely gathered in Baltimore and now beyond, have met two Friday afternoons each month to talk about things that matter. Race and reconciliation. The Church. Education. Justice. Politics. Baltimore. Along the way we share wine, wit, hopefully wisdom, and (perhaps) whisky.

Here we write about some of the ideas from our conversations. We hold different opinions, different world views, different backgrounds, different degrees. We often disagree, loudly and passionately. So let us be abundantly clear – the pieces we write and sign with our name, are our own loosely or strongly held ideas. No one else’s.

We have conversations that illuminate truth, spark ideas and inspire action.

If we offend you, reach out. If we inspire you, definitely reach out. If one of us bores you, check back in a few weeks and see if something else captures your imagination.

In this space we will often write about the world in between our faith and our discipline. Here you’ll find sociologists, theologians, economists, ethicists, entrepreneurs, psychotherapists, pastors, public health practitioners, business professionals, educators and otherwise. With so many such intersections, the prospects are intriguing.

As often as possible, we’ll highlight the opportunities for growing human nobility. Above all, we aim to illuminate truth, spark ideas and inspire action. 

If you’re of that mind too, this is a place for you.