Love and Light

In the beginning were love and light

Darkness dared dart in

Love and light remain steadfast, even as we unsteady

Love is sacrifice amidst brokenness, tender touch, touching words touching our soul, our spirit

Light is the Lord’s truth, abundance overflowing, peace and passion purposely in pursuit—Speak Life!

Power indwelling, gentle, undaunted, seeking ever higher heights, while resting, soaring in stillness

Will willing to trust—Say Amen! Spirit before us, startling stars as it shapeshifts, stops, starts, sprints, slows, goes and goes, sows—seeds seeded, buds sprout—Harvest!

Alpha, Omega—beginning and end mingling mightily, mercifully mending, holding, healing—harmonizing all things?—Lord, I believe, help my unbelief

Love and light, light and love, love and light—Living Water!—my heart pants after thee like a hart for a water brook