Friday Briefs: Women of color & culture shifting

To this day, women and girls disproportionately find themselves subject to the worst offenses of a broken world. So it’s worth reading Padma Lakshmi today on “how wide the ripples of impact can be when a woman of color is vice-president.” (NYT) Ms. Lakshmi, host and executive producer of “Taste the Nation” and “Top Chef” writes, “Ms. Harris is part of a new generation of elected women of color, taking office at this absurdly divided time when people of color are both ascendant and under attack.”

The “under attack” half of her observation remains easy to find. But two more culture-shifting events you may have missed featuring women of color this week bring a sigh of gratitude for the ascendancy half of her paradox.

  1. Sydney Barber will break one of the final leadership barriers in the Naval Academy’s 175-year history.

  2. Kim Ng hired by Marlins as general manager, becoming first woman to hold that post in baseball.

On another subject, a review of “Where is My Flying Car?”, by J. Storrs Hall, addresses that which I have been counting on! since watching the first episode of the Jetsons a few years back. 🙂

Finally, preparing a sermon for Nov. 22 currently entitled “Power Paradoxes”, I ran across Jerry Useem’s 2017 essay “Power Causes Brain Damage” in the Atlantic. Interesting read if you’re in the mood for something prescient. I see the symptoms in my post on this site last month.