Are We Better Off Divided?

The Gathering’s own Angela Simms, Ph.D., assistant professor of Sociology and Urban Studies at Barnard – Columbia University, is one of two panelists in the Veritas-sponsored Forum on politics in America, entitled: “Are We Better Off Divided?” The zoom webinar is scheduled for tomorrow night, Monday, November 30th, at 8 p.m. Register at this link, and… Continue reading Are We Better Off Divided?


In recent years, few images have captivated me more than that of Fearless Girl, a 50-inch bronze sculpture installed on March 7, 2017, in the New York Financial District. It was first placed in powerful juxtaposition to Charging Bull, by sculptor Arturo Di Modica, who sought to connote aggressive financial strength in the wake of the 1987 “Black Monday” stock… Continue reading Fearless

The Stuff of Miracles

“Even seasoned sailors on the boat panicked in the storm that fell on them like a drunken assassin. The forecast missed this one. Meanwhile, the One who could actually do something about it appeared comatose in the stern – who could sleep in this maelstrom? No one was thinking of leaving the boat this time…but… Continue reading The Stuff of Miracles

The Politics of Legitimacy

Looking at the post-election craziness, there is no question we are in a confusing, exhausting moral muddle of civic conscience. The current crisis is about political legitimacy. How many times since the election have you heard someone say that Joe Biden’s claim to the presidency is illegitimate? Or that the vote count was illegitimate? Or, dialing back… Continue reading The Politics of Legitimacy


“What if Beyonce was President.” “No wait, what if Oprah was President.” “No…I have a better one, WHAT IF DONALD TRUMP was President!” and we devolved into laughter. I remember this exchange with a few friends in Middle School – joking around, each of us with a more outlandish fiction on who we thought could… Continue reading PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN?

Friday Briefs: Women of color & culture shifting

To this day, women and girls disproportionately find themselves subject to the worst offenses of a broken world. So it’s worth reading Padma Lakshmi today on “how wide the ripples of impact can be when a woman of color is vice-president.” (NYT) Ms. Lakshmi, host and executive producer of “Taste the Nation” and “Top Chef”… Continue reading Friday Briefs: Women of color & culture shifting

Dear Parents: Do Crazy Things

Celebrating Veterans Day today, some of our nation’s veterans reflected on the role their parents played in their lives in the New York Times. I live on a block of rowhouses where three elementary school children play—our three-story homes all identical and built in the same year, 1875. Each home features layers of interconnected back porches… Continue reading Dear Parents: Do Crazy Things

Election 2020: It’s Bigger than Biden vs. Trump

Senator Kamala Harris is the Democratic Party’s nominee for Vice President. As a Black woman, I’m ecstatic about Harris’s breakthrough. As a sociologist who studies racial inequities and a former legislative analyst at the U.S. Office of Management and Budget during the George W. Bush and Barack Obama Administrations, my sanguine feelings are sobered by… Continue reading Election 2020: It’s Bigger than Biden vs. Trump


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