And Still We Rise

I celebrate Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation to become the first Black woman United States Supreme Court Justice. I can’t wait to say: “Justice Jackson” in a few months! Her ascendance to this position is well-earned and I look forward to how her vision of justice will shape the court. In the midst of commemorating this… Continue reading And Still We Rise

Celebration Continues! Black Americans Made Us Who We Are

African Americans have been the sin qua non democratizing force in American history. There is no America we take for granted today, one where we assert that all “men (and women) are created equal,” without Black Americans insisting upon it, full stop. Black people’s intellectual, political, and creative energy expanded our Constitution’s capacity to realize… Continue reading Celebration Continues! Black Americans Made Us Who We Are

A Mess of Pottage: the side effects of communal temptation

Everyone knows the Bible’s ultimate story of sibling rivalry: Jacob and Esau were twins. Esau, first out of the birth canal, was the one that secured the birthright. Esau was a man’s man, spending his days outdoors hunting for game, while Jacob preferred staying close to home. One day, when Esau arrived home famished, Jacob… Continue reading A Mess of Pottage: the side effects of communal temptation

Let’s Get Our Facts Straight

Black History Month is a nearly century-long intervention in the American historical record and myths about how this country evolved. The forerunner to this February’s Black History Month celebration is Negro History Week, which was first celebrated in 1926 under the leadership of Historian Carter G. Woodson. Dr. Woodson sought to use the second week… Continue reading Let’s Get Our Facts Straight

Miscellaneous Briefs

January 2022 (#2) Amanda Gorman revisits her history-making Inauguration Day poem with a gorgeous piece on state of mind and the place of terror. “I look at fear not as cowardice but as a call forward, a summons to fight for what we hold dear.” Don’t miss this from our national treasure. Robert P. Jones… Continue reading Miscellaneous Briefs

The Fierce Urgency of Now

Statement on Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday, 2022 On this Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, we return to places of hallowed ground—from the 16th Street Baptist Church, to the Edmund Pettus Bridge, to the Lorraine Motel—to honor those whose lives are the foundation of our contemporary liberation struggle. We remember King, and all… Continue reading The Fierce Urgency of Now


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