The Verdict

I’m sitting here reflecting on the verdict that just came down for Derek Chauvin in the murder of George Floyd. Guilty on all charges. Justice has been served. So why do I not feel any different? The verdict does represent justice—a form of justice. A modicum of justice. But it is not true justice. This… Continue reading The Verdict

A Renewed Imperative

The political chaos and confusion of the 2020 Presidential election clarified how some in the elite power structure of this country continue to create narratives that promote division, evoke fear, deny what is true, stifle what is progressive and discredit what is right. Baffled by tactics of oppression unchanged for over 400 years, I am… Continue reading A Renewed Imperative

Ode to Jesus Once More

Heard the voice of Jesus sayCome unto me, I am the way.Keep your hand on the plow, hold on.When my way gets dark as night,I know the lord will be my light,Keep your hand on the plow, hold on. “Hold On,” African American Spiritual (many Spirituals first sung by enslaved Africans in the United States)… Continue reading Ode to Jesus Once More

#BlackGirlMagic: On the Necessity of Resilience and Righteous Indignation

What do Vice-President Kamala Harris, voting rights activist Stacey Abrams, media mogul Oprah Winfrey, and viral immunologist leading the fight against COVID-19 Kizzmekia Corbett have in common? They’re all Black women with magnificent accomplishments—things most people do not achieve, let alone those staring down racism and sexism. As a Black woman, they inspire me, but… Continue reading #BlackGirlMagic: On the Necessity of Resilience and Righteous Indignation

When Human Evil Goes Unchecked

In September 2020 I wrote of the presence of human evil in the White House, defining its characteristics and practices from the vantage point of psychology. On December 26, 2020, illustrating from Biblical history, I wrote of the frightening prospects inherent within the final 25 days of Trump’s presidency. “It’s going to get worse,” I… Continue reading When Human Evil Goes Unchecked


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